Himachal Pradesh: Hilarious Video Shows Buffalo Dancing With Owner As She Sang “Dholak Bajda”

A video that is viral on social media right now shows a buffalo dancing with its owner and the whole internet is loving it.

In the video, the buffalo could be seen dancing with the owner as they were singing a local song.

It is believed that the incident happened in a small village in Himachal Pradesh.

The buffalo danced with tits owner and was encouraging the animal to dance with her as she sang, and amazingly, they both did.

The buffalo was also seen wearing a blanket because of the cold weather in India right now, and at one point, the blanket fell too!

In the funny video, the woman was head singing “dholak bajda” as she and the buffalo started to dance.

People that were around the buffalo and the woman could be heard laughing out loud as the animal started to dance.

The video is such a good thing to watch in such times.

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