British Couple Face Death Penalty For Trying To Smuggle Heroin Worth £2 Million Into UK From Pakistan

A young couple from Britain is facing the death penalty for trying to smuggle heroin worth £2 million into the United Kingdom from Pakistan.

Authorities named the couple as 26-year-old Mohammed Tahir Ayaz and his 20-year-old wife, Ikra Hussain, from West Yorkshire.

The 2 were planning to fly from Sialkot Airport in Pakistan through Dubai to the United Kingdom.

The couple was arrested by the authorities as they were trying to board an Emirates Airlines Flight on September 19, 2019.

Authorities found 25 kilograms of fine heroin hidden in the clothes of 20-year-old Ikra Hussain.

The drugs were found in different sections of the dress.

The police removed the bags that contained the drugs and placed them into a carried bag so they could weigh the drugs.

Upon questioning, the couple told the investigating officers that they were planning to bring high-quality heroin to the United Kingdom.

Authorities handed the 2 to the Anti-Narcotics Force who is leading the investigation.

Hussain and Ayaz are facing life imprisonment or the death penalty if they are convicted in the smuggling case.

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