Boy Is Caught Driving Expensive Land Cruiser SUV On One Of Pakistan’s Busiest Road

The authorities in Pakistan are currently investigating a case where a 5-year-old boy was caught on camera driving an expensive land cruiser SUV in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Police are currently trying to identify the parents of the boy who was caught on camera driving an SUV on a busy road.

In the video, which was taken in Multan, Pakistan, the boy was seen driving a Black Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

According a report by Dunya News, the child that  was driving the vehicle is around 5 years old.

The video was shared with the caption:

A small kid driving Landcruiser in Multan, how’s his feet even touching pedals. Whose kid is this

In the short video that is viral on Twitter right now, the boy could be seen standing up to reach the pedals of the vehicle.

They were navigating through the busy Bosan Road.

No other person was seen inside the Land Cruiser, said the authorities.

The underage driver was not stopped at any of the police checkpoints.

His car was not also spotted by the authorities while the kid was driving on the busiest road of the city.

Social media users are currently angered by the incident and are criticizing the parents of the boy, who are yet to be identified, for allowing the kid to drive.

The authorities in the city are currently trying to find the parents of the child.

Chief Traffic Officer Zafar Buzdar said that the parents will be facing charges for putting the life of the child and other people in danger.

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