Ukrainian Boy “Who Had Been Violently Abused By Parents For Years” Jumps To His Death From 9th-Floor Apartment

Anton, an 8-year-old Ukrainian boy jumped to his death from his parent’s 9th-floor apartment in Ukraine after he was beaten up.

The incident reportedly happened on Enerhodar, Southern Ukrain, on August 23, 2019, after the boy arrived home from school.

According to the neighbors, the parents of Anton shout at him for ripping his clothes and decided to beat him up afterward.

Shortly after being beaten up, Anton jumped out of the window of their apartment and fell to his death.

Zhanna, a woman who is a neighbor of Anton, said she heard the parents beating up and shouting at their son.

Zhanna said after being beaten up, she heard the sound of a child’s quick footsteps.

During an interview with the local news agencies, Zhanna said, “Several seconds passed and there was that horrific thud when a body hits the ground. I looked out of my kitchen window and saw the boy lying below. I called an ambulance and the police.”

Andrey, another neighbor of Anton, said, “I saw the family going upstairs to their flat. Ten minutes later the boy was lying on the ground as his parents were racing downstairs in the street.”

Medical responders pronounced Anton as dead at the scene.

Forensic examiners believe Anton fell head-first and died on impact.

The police have launched an investigation against the parents for failing to do their duties as parents and for abusing their son.

According to local news agencies, the parents confessed that they frequently beat their son.

The parents also confessed that they beat their son on the day that he died.

After the couple was interviewed by the police, they left their rented apartment and left the city.

The police are now trying to find where the couple went.

Oksana Zelenska, the school principal of Anton, said, “The boy fell behind at school and we had to hold him back in first grade. His parents were not interested in him at all.”

If found guilty, the parents of Anton could spend up to 5 years in Ukraine prison.

Zoya Pershyna, a psychologist, said, “Anton visited me for counselling several times. I did not see it coming.”

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