Starving Children Rescued After Being Forced To Eat Stray Dogs By Heartless Mother

2 starving neglected children were rescued by the authorities after they were forced to eat stray dogs by their own heartless mother.

Masha, 4, and her 2-year-old brother, were rescued by the authorities after they were found inside their house in Ukraine.

It was said that they were surrounded by trash when the authorities rescued them.

It was later revealed that the kids had never went outside of their house, which is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The house of the family was infested with rats and cockroaches.

32-year-old Lilia Granenko, their mother, killed stray dogs in the area to feed the little ones.

She cooked them to feed her little children.

The starving youngsters lived with their grandmother in the same house and they were rescued by the authorities after the neighbors called the police.

The kids are currently in a orphanage until a court decides what to do with them.

The mother and the grandmother collected just collected trash for years and left them wandering around the house.

Not only that, but the kids were also lying on their own poop because there was no toilet inside.

Yevgeny Zub, a volunteer that came along the police, talked about the incident and said:

The mother, grandmother and the children relieve themselves right on the floor. The pooches are being killed in the apartment then cooked and eaten by the family.

When the authorities carried out the raid, dogs were barking.

Animal rights activists also arrived on the scene to rescue the animals that were inside the house of the woman.

Witnesses said that the young boy did not have any clothes and was wearing a reused nappy before they got wrapped in a blanket.

The water supply of the house was also cut off because the women did not have anything to pay for them.

A neighbor said:

Cockroaches fall down from the ceiling in there and the stench makes you retch with disgust.

The woman was arrested and she is currently facing 5 years in prison.

The police said that a criminal case for malicious non-compliance with child-rearing obligations has been started against her.

The woman has 5 children from different men.

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