Punjab: Woman Chases Armed Robbers Out Of Her Shop with Her Phone

Two robbers were trying to rob a shop in Moga City, Punjab. A CCTV footage showed them entering the shop, both of the robbers were wearing hoodies that covered their faces, they approached the woman behind the counter with a gun.  The woman behind the counter was seen calm even after they showed her the gun and told her to handle them the cash, but instead of handling the robbers her cash and valuables, she was seen threatening the robbers with her smartphone, she even tried to catch the robbers while they were running out.

The two robbers were looking like they got confused and were unsure of what they should have done. The robbers rushed to the exit and tried to rob her back, thinking that she would get scared, but after she charged towards them they ran out.

In a video twitted by ANI, you can see the woman grabbing her phone and challenging the robbers, it is not that frequent that we see a woman scare the robbers away by using her phone. It is clear that the robbers were not expecting this from the shop keeper after the woman ran towards them, the robbers hurry and got out of the shop.

This is not the first time that someone was seen from Moga protecting themselves from robbers, a couple of years ago, a similar scenario happened when a woman was seen fighting a man who tried to steal her purse after a chili powder attack.

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