Professional Strongwoman From Germany Rolls Seven Frying Pans In 60 Seconds

A professional strongwoman from Germany broke a Guinness World Record when she managed to roll 7 frying pans with her bare hands in just 60 seconds.

Kathleen Krausse, a professional strongwoman, appeared on the CCTV Guinness World Records Special in China and attempted to break the record for rolling the most aluminum frying pans with her bare hands in under 1 minute.

Kathleen managed to roll seven pans in just 1 minute.

The previous record was set by Linsey Lindberg in 2014. She bent 6 frying pans in 60 seconds.

Before that, Anete Florczyk, a professional strongwoman from Poland, set the record for bending the most frying pans during an appearance during a TV session on the Spanish television in February 2008.

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