New Chinese Law Will Stop Kids From Playing Games After 10pm And Introduces Daily Time Limit For Games

As parents have given up in stopping their kids from playing games, China has introduced a new law that will prohibit kids from playing games after 10 pm and have set a daily time limit for playing games.

The new law came to effect on Tuesday and it places limitations on the young men and women of China.

The new law states kids below 18-years-old can only play games for 90 minutes per day, between the hours of 8 am to 10 pm.

Earlier this week China announced the new law, and it brings in hopes of tackling issues such as gaming addiction, poor academic performance caused by games, and nearsightedness.

The National Press and Publication Administration said, “These problems affect the physical and mental health of minors, as well as their normal learning and living.”

During weekends, kids are allowed to play games on their computers, consoles, laptops, and mobile phones for 3 hours.

In order to monitor every single thing, gamer teens are required to register on online gaming accounts using their actual names and ID.

Real people are going to monitor the hours and players are required to follow the new law.

It is still not clear about what the penalties are if you break the law.

This is not the only thing that comes along the new law.

The new law also has a spending cap for teenagers, which was done to make sure kids do not overspend money on DLC’s and other microtransactions on games.

Kids are only allowed to spend $28 to $57 dollars a month on in-game items or DLC’s.

As you grow older, the more your limit becomes.

The law comes even after China’s massive online gaming industry, which is considered as one of the largest in the world.

In China alone, over $33 Billion is made through games.

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