Productivity Rose By 40% After Microsoft Japan Introduced 4-Day Week

In a new report that was released by Microsoft Japan, they said the productivity of their workers increased by 40 percent after they introduced a 4-day workweek.

Last year, Microsoft Japan launched the Work-Life Choice Challenge 2019, where employees were given off on all Fridays during August 2019.

The program was launched with hopes of offering a better working environment through reduced work time.

During the month of August in 2019, special paid leaves were also given to full-time employees.

Japan has a hard time in tackling the problem of excessive work, which ends up affecting the health of their employees.

After the challenge, Japan announced that a 4-day working week boosted the productivity of their employees by 40 percent.

On Fridays, all their employees were given a day off and special paid leaves were given to full-time employees.

According to reports, meetings were cut short and were encouraged on online platforms, not actual meetings.

The Work-Life Choice Challenge also offered assistance for employee’s travel expenses and family vacations.

In August 2019, Microsoft Japan saw a 40 percent rise in its sales per employee and their electricity consumption was cut down by a quarter.

Also, their paper usage was cut in half.

Microsoft said the program was a huge success, and they are ready to launch a Work-Life Choice Challenge.

The new Work-Life Choice Challenge will be offering more flexible timings and short meetings. No special leaves will be provided this time.

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