Public Trains And Railway Stations In India To Get Free Wi-Fi Services And CCTVs To Increase Security

Piyush Goyal, the Railway Minister of India, said the government of India is currently working on providing free Wi-Fi internet services in public trains within the next 5 years.

Minister Goyal also said that the government is planning to provide free Wi-Fi services in over 6000 railway stations in India.

Minister Goyal wants to hand out free Wi-Fi services at railway stations throughout India and make sure everyone is connected with each other.

But the plan is not easy to carry out.

Minister Goyal said, “It is a more complicated technology subject. Giving WiFi in running trains requires investment… Towers need to be put and there have to be equipment inside trains. In this, we might have to bring in foreign technology and investors.”

Not only free Wi-Fi but CCTVs are also going to be installed in every train compartment.

Minister Goyal said Wi-Fi onboard trains will help them give a live feed to police stations, which will help them catch the lawbreakers.

The minister said, “It will help a lot in terms of security as CCTVs would be there in every train compartment and its live feed will go to police station. The signaling system will work in a better manner through WiFi facility. In next four or four-and-a-half years we will start this facility.”

As of now, free Wi-Fi is being offered at nearly 5,150 railway stations in India, but the Railway Ministry wants to bring those numbers to 6,500 and eventually cover all railway stations.

Minister Goyal said they are going to provide Wi-Fi services at 6,500 railway stations by the end of 2020.

CCTVs along with Wi-Fi will make public train transport much safer and efficient, as everything will be fed live to local police stations.

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