Researchers Fool Airport Facial Recognition System By Wearing Printed Masks

Facial recognition is used widely in mobile phones, security measures, law enforcement, and login systems by companies and government agencies to track people and increase their security measures.

Many people think facial recognition technology is untouchable, but researchers from AI Firm Kneron claim they have done something and have cracked the code.

AI Firm Kneron said they have fooled facial recognition systems at border crossing checkpoints, airports, and banks by wearing printed masks of other people’s faces.

The announcement was made last week.

As technology advances, threats come along too.

Kneron decided to put the latest facial recognition technologies to the test by printing masks that showcases different faces.

The staff of Kneron wore the masks and managed to get through facial recognition systems.

The masks they used were specialized printed masks.

Kneron said the masks that they used were not low-cost plastic masks that can be found in costume stores.

Researchers from Kneron wore masks across 3 different continents.

Researchers wore masks depicting another’s face before proceeding to try and trick the facial recognition systems.

Researchers from Kneron fooled payment tablets that were run by AliPay and WeChat, which are companies that run in China.

Researchers also duped a facial recognition system that is placed at the border of China.

They also passed through the Schipol Airport Systems in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Researchers had full permission to carry out the tests in the facilities that are mentioned above.

According to reports, the entire research was supervised.

Members of the facilities were present near the facial recognition machines when the tests were being carried out.

Albert Liu, the CEO of Kneron released a statement about the findings.

The statement said, “Technology providers should be held accountable if they do not safeguard users to the highest standards.”

The statement added, “There are so many companies involved that it highlights an industry-wide issue with substandard facial recognition tech.”

There is good news for people who are using Huawei and Apple mobiles.

The facial recognition systems that are used by Huawei and Apple did not get fooled by the masks that the researchers were using.

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