£9.7 Million Lottery Winner Now Works 7-Days Per Week As Coalman After Blowing Up All The Money

36-year-old Michael Carroll won a £9.7m National Lottery jackpot back in 2002, but after spending out his entire fortune, he now works 7 times per week as a coalman in Scotland.

Even after blowing out his entire money, Michael said he is happier with his current life.

When Michael won the massive prize in 2002, he quit his job as a garbage man and went out to live the life of a rich man.

Instead of being sad about his loss, Michael said he had an incredible ride in life and has no regrets in spending his entire money on drugs, booze, sex, and expensive cars, houses, and jewelry.

After winning the money, Michael appeared in court more than 30 times, and was given the nickname “King of the Chavs”.

He also had 3 expensive mansions on his name.

During a recent interview, Michael said, “It didn’t go wrong – it was the best 10 years of my life for a pound.”

He added, “I don’t look back with any regrets that are for sure. It was 10 years of fun for a pound, you can’t go wrong with that.”

He continued, “I wouldn’t want to turn the clock back. But I live a good, free lifestyle now and I’m happier because I’ve got my life back.”

After winning the lottery, Michael gave away £4m of his winnings to a number of family members.

Michael gave £1m each to his now ex-wife, Sandra, and her mum, £1m each to his mum and aunt.

Michael then went on to take part in wild holiday parties, buying expensive cars, expensive mansions, and even big gold chains.

10 years after winning the lottery, his mansions had fallen into disrepair and were sold.

He was also banned to enter every single pub that was located within miles of his houses.

Michael was forced to move to Scotland so he could start a new life.

Reports suggest that he is currently living in a £500 per month house on rent and is walking to his work.

When he was asked about what he would do if he won the lottery again, Michael said, “If I won again, I’d be down the yard at six every morning just to keep out of trouble.”

He also talked about how he replies when someone asks him about what it feels like after blowing up that amount of money.

Michael said, “People often say to me, what does it feel like to have lost all that money? I tell them I didn’t lose it…I spent it!”

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