Beirut Explosion: Port Worker Found Alive In Sea In Bloody Condition 30 Hours After Blast

A port worker that was blown into the sea by the massive chemical explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, has been found alive in a bloody condition.

It is said that Amin al-Zahed was found in the Mediterranean sea 30 hours after the blast.

It remains a mystery to how the man managed to survive in the sea for 30 hours.

Bloodied and heavily injured, a picture that was posted on Instagram showed the man lying on a ship after he was rescued.

It is said that he was rushed to Rafic Hariri University Hospital in Beirut.

The sad part about this is that the family of al-Zahed said that they checked with the Rafic Hariri University Hospital but were unable to find him.

The current condition of al-Zahed remains unknown.

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