Black Magic? 2 Headless Kids Found Buried In Jharkhand, One Arrested

Jharkhand News: In what many believe is a case of human sacrifice, the Jharkhand police have arrested a man on Thursday after 2 headless bodies of two kids who are 10-years-old and 11-years-old were found buried in the village of Semarhat, Latehar district.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the two minors went missing on the evening of July 10, 2019.

The police said that one of the family members of the kids found the feet of one of the missing kids buried under the sand.

The police added that the bodies were buried under the sand and were covered with bushes.

The police received the news about the happening on July 11, 2019 morning.

A team was then sent to the village of the kids to recover the said bodies.

Officials said that the bodies were buried near the house of Sunil Oraon, the prime suspect of the case.

The police are still trying to locate the heads of the two kids.

The police released the identities of the two kids, 11-year-old Nirmal Oraon, the son of Birendra Oraon, and 10-year-old Sheela Kumari, the daughter of Bihari Orain.

During an interview with Birendra, the father of Nirmal, he said, “Sunil Oraon killed my son to appease God. He practiced black magic. My son went missing on Wednesday evening. He must have captured him for sacrifice.”

After the news broke out in the village, locals went to the spot where the black magic was said to have happened.

SDO Jai Prakash Jha said that the police are currently considering this as a murder case.

He added, “This seems to be a case of murder. However, the police team is also investigating this angle.”

In order to calm the scene, the police had to bring in a heavy contingent.

The police, along with the forensic team, broke inside the house of Sunil and found bloodstains inside his property.

SDPO Amarnath said, “We are investigating the case from all possible angles. Our team of experts has found blood strains from the prime suspect’s home. Search is on for finding the missing heads.”

The local government told the Latehar Police to form an SIT (Special Investigation Team) to solve the case as fast as they can.

The police are currently interrogating Sunil Oraon.

Prashant Anand, the Superintendent of Latehar Police Station, said that Sunil has been in jail before for a murder case.

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