Drunk Russian Steals Car, Only to Realizes He Can’t Drive.

After supposedly carving an opening through the top of a garage and taking a vehicle left within it, an intoxicated man had to push the vehicle a kilometer down the road, because of the reason that he doesn’t have any idea how to drive.

The dumbfounding crime became known after police saw the “weird behavior” of a man sitting in a vehicle left before a Kemerovo locale bistro, as indicated by a police statement given on Monday.

After requesting that the man recognize himself, police learned he did not have any proper records — no driver’s permit and no enrollment for the vehicle in his ownership. He was likewise displaying indications of drunkenness, the police proclamation said.

Police moved the suspicious man back to the neighborhood region, where another nearby inhabitant earlier have seemed to have reported that his vehicle had been stolen. The police came to the conclusion that the drunk, unidentified man had carved a gap into the roof of the other man’s garage to obtain the vehicle.

The drunk car thief has been arrested by the police after the complaint by the vehicle owner. The supposed vehicle criminal, whose personality was not uncovered, presently faces as long as six years in jail for burglary. (MT)

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