Father Accidentally Orders 6-Meter Long Dinosaur For Son

We do a lot of crazy things to impress our children, but one dad took an extreme step to step-up the A game by ordering a dinosaur for his son, but little did he know about how massive it was.

Andre Bisson’s son Theo asked for the largest “Carnotaur” you’ve ever seen to be bought for him.

Technically, he did buy what his son wanted.

Andre ordered a dinosaur online for Theo, but initially, he did not expect it to be a 6-meter long statue.

Andre bought the statue for £1,000 and thought he would be getting a 3-meter long dinosaur.

But when it arrived, the dinosaur was so massive that it had to be brought in by a crane.

Andre said he found the online listing after his partner mentioned an amusement park in Jersey Tamba Park was selling old stock of dinosaur statues.

During an interview with the local press, Andre said, “The issue was as this was being sold off online, there was only a thumbnail image to try and gauge the size, no details whatsoever and no one to ask, I didn’t care really!”

He added, “I knew he would be big, I estimated 3m long x 1.5m max… as it turns out, he was much bigger at 5m long x 2.3m high.”

Andre said he did not realize how big the statue was until the people that were about to deliver it called him and said it wouldn’t fit a lorry, a small truck.

The entire process of delivering the statue got harder when heavy rain hit Jersey.

The skin of the dinosaur got wet, which made it weigh an eye-opening 2 tons.

The delivery company had to organize a JCB to get him out.

Andre named the dinosaur as Chaz.

Chaz was bought as a Christmas present for his son.

But due to the size and weight of the dinosaur, the delivery didn’t make it on time.

Tamba Park, the people who sold the dinosaur, sent a smaller dinosaur for the family and apologized for the delay.

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