Girl Born With “Three Heads” Shocks Indian Doctors

Uttar Pradesh: A girl was born in India with thee heads, the “unknown medical condition” has baffled doctors in the state and in India.

The girl was born last week and the family members are currently in shock.

The infant has 2 large protrusions formed at the back of her skull.

The new and extremely rare case has shocked and confused the doctors.

The baby was delivered at a health center in Uttar Pradesh, medical experts said that the mother felt extreme pain before she went into labor.

But due to the lack of proper medical facilities, the mother was transferred to the District Hospital in Etah, Uttar Pradesh.

Reports suggest that the mother did not experience any complications throughout her pregnancy.

Bijji Thakur, a person who saw the child, confirmed that the girl had three heads.

Bijji added that the kid looked like an “alien” and it was something that no one has ever seen before.

What The Doctors Said

Doctors are planning to conduct an MRI scan for the kid so they can see and determine the exact medical condition of the infant.

The Chief Medical Superintendent of the District Hospital, Rajesh Thakur, said, “This is a very rare medical condition.”

He added, “The child’s body has not fully developed. We will perform an MRI scan and then perform a surgery to separate the ‘heads’.”

Survival Rate

If we look at numbers, kids that are diagnosed with “encephalocele”, which is what many believe the infant has, only have a 55 percent chance of surviving.

If the kid does survive, it is likely that he or she will face complications such as syndromes, brain tissue protrudes, and other defects.

Reports suggest that 75 percent of infants who survive “encephalocele” face a number of mental problems.

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