Hard Rock Hotel Shaped Like A Giant Guitar Will Open In Florida This Week

A Hard Rock Hotel in Florida that is shaped like a massive guitar will be opening this week.

The luxurious hotel, which costs the company around $1.2 billion, will be opening this week and it will be opened with a grand performance from Maroon 5.

The Hard Rock Hotel Florida is going to host 100 gigs each year and has the capacity of holding 7000 people.

The Hard Rock Hotel in Florida has 638 rooms and is 450ft tall. All of their rooms have been sold out for 2 weeks.

One of the main features of the hotel is the guitar-shaped building itself, which is LED-Powered. The string of the guitar will light up during night times.

The Hard Rock Hotel in Florida is located in Hollywood City, not that Hollywood, but the Hollywood city that is located in Florida.

Another amazing feature of the hotel is its massive swimming pool, which is the size of 9 football pitches.

The Hard Rock hotel also has a lazy river and a paddleboat lake.

If you are one of the wealthy beings, you can also take advantage of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has an underwater VIP Villas that is equipped with a personal butler.

The official website of the hotel states, “Boasting the sun-filled and sunset-laden South Florida skies, the Guitar Hotel is truly an architectural marvel that redefines the South Florida skyline. The new venue will host state-of-the-art technical capabilities that will support A-list celebrity performances as well as award shows, sporting events, and nationally televised programs.”

It adds, “The venue will be a stand-out option for entertainers and tours across the country as well as drawing internationally acclaimed acts.”

Jim Allen, the chairman of the Hard Rock International, said, The Hard Rock brand is stronger today than it ever has been.”

Jim added the hotel “represents more than food, beverage and a place to stay.

Also, there is a casino at the hotel.

The casino in the Hard Rock Hotel has 3000 slot machines, 193 games tables, 30 bars, restaurants, and lounges, and 46 table poker rooms.

In case you can’t get enough of the guitar, there is another hotel that is attached to the guitar-shaped one too.

The smaller guitar, which is the Oasis Tower Boasts, has 168 rooms and a private pool.

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