Indian Woman Who Won $3.2 Million In Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Raffle Says She Will Help “Underprivileged People”

Sopna Nair, an Indian woman who lives and works in UAE, won $3.2 Million USD in a monthly raffle draw in UAE and said that he will be helping “underprivileged people”.

Nair, who is from Kerala, won the money in the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Raffle last week.

Sopna says she will be using the money to support her family, her husband’s family, and the people who are less fortunate.

During an interview with the Khaleej Times, Sopna Nair said, “I want to support underprivileged people, especially women. I’ve always done small charitable projects in whatever way I could, now I have the financial freedom to do a lot more.

Sopna added that everyone in her family, including her, is still in shock.

Sopna has been working in Abu Dhabi for the last 9 years, she said, “I am still coming to terms with the news, it’s a lot to take in.

Sopna bought the ticket without telling her husband. She explained why, Sopna said, “I don’t buy the ticket every time. This might have been the third or fourth time I got it. Honestly, we are still in shock because no one really assumes that they will win while buying it.

She added, “This time, I didn’t tell my husband. And when we found out that we’d won, he was in shock as well.

Sopna has a 5-year-old daughter, who lives with her and her husband in Abu Dhabi.

Sopna adds that she will continue to work as a senior structural engineer in Abu Dhabi even after winning the money.

She explained why, Nair said, “This is the eighth year in this company, and I have such a big commitment to the firm. I really haven’t had the time to process the news. My company has helped me immensely and I’m extremely indebted to them. I’ve been so busy the whole day. I’ve been inundated with calls and messages, but I’ve not been able to speak to anyone because I’ve been so focused on work.”

The Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Raffle is held at the Abu Dhabi International Airport per month throughout the year.

It is also the longest and the largest running raffle draw in the country.

The Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Raffle is famous for handing out huge amounts of money and is because it is open for people who are living outside Abu Dhabi.

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