Judge In Mexico Approves Recreational Cocaine Use For 2 People

A judge in Mexico has granted 2 people the right to recreational cocaine use, this is considered as the first ruling of its kind.

The court said it has allowed 2 people to “possess, transport and use cocaine”.

According to the Mexico United Against Crime, the 2 people are allowed to possess, transport, and use cocaine, but they are not allowed to sell it.

The Mexico United Against Crime called the court ruling as a “historic step” towards ending the “war on drugs” in Mexico.

But the ruling is also going to be reviewed by a higher court before it comes in effect.

The Mexico United Against Crime said the court in Mexico City ordered Cofepris, the health authority of Mexico, to allow 2 people to use cocaine.

An official of the Cofepris said that they are taking steps to stop the order of the court that was originally handed in May this year.

The official added that authorization for recreational cocaine use is going to be outside their legal remit.

This ruling is going to come into effect if a panel of judges sides with the original decision. If the judges approve the ruling, the 2 people are going to be allowed to possess, transport, and use cocaine.

The identities of the 2 people were not shared with the public.

In a statement that was released by the Mexico United Against Crime, they said the case represents “another step in the fight to construct alternative drug policies that allow [Mexico] to redirect its security efforts and better address public health.”

The supreme court of Mexico already authorizes recreational marijuana use in individual cases.

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