Man Colors Moustache For “No Shave November”, Ends Up In Hospital

No shave November started 3 days ago, and millions of men all over the world are going to grow the most impressive piece of facial hair and share images by December 1, 2019.

One sad part about this trend is that not every lad has the ability to grow bear, and if you’re one of the people who can, do things that would actually make your beard look amazing, not worse.

Dominic Gibbons, a man from Cwmbran, Wales, was taking part in his first No Shave November trend when he diced to dye his mustache so it can become more noticeable.

During his interview with LADbible, Dominic said he wanted to dye his mustache because it was not dark enough, and wanted to color it so it could stand out.

Instead of making it darker, Dominic ended up looking like Caitlyn Jenner.

He told LADbible, “So I dyed the mustache twice for a darker tint but didn’t even patch test it, even though my mam advised me to because I had had a bad reaction to a henna tattoo when I was a kid.”

A day after dying his mustache, Dominic said he started to notice that his beard started to become red and after one day, he had swollen lips.

The sad part about this incident is that Dominic had to show up to his friend’s place because he had a bet.

Dominic said, “I made a bet with my mate that Liverpool would beat Arsenal, but they drew so I had to jump into a canal, which did not help at all. Leaving the party on Sunday morning, I looked like a Tweenie.”

He added, “Turns out that I’m actually really allergic to any dye, luckily it didn’t hurt very much, it was just really uncomfortable.”

Dominic had to be brought to a hospital and the allergy stayed for around a week.

Dominic was also forced to take a week off from his work.

After his awful first experience of No-Shave November, Dominic said he is going to do something different this year.

This year, Dominic said he would be using a pencil on his mustache so he doesn’t have to end up in the hospital again.

One way or another, you learn from your mistakes. And to all the lads out there, it’s No-Shave November, so don’t shave your beards off!

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