Man Snuck Weed Into Prison Through Nose, Forgets About It For 18 Years

In a news report that was published by the British Medical Journal Case Reports, a man snuck a bag of weed into prison through his nose, which he forgot about, and had it removed from his nasal cavity after 18 years.

Murray Smith, a physician at the Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia, this is the first reported case of a “prison-acquired marijuana-based rhinolith”, which is also known as the nose stone.

According to reports, the girlfriend of the inmate gave him a rubber balloon, which had a small quantity of marijuana that he then placed inside his nose.

The inmate, who is now 48-years-old, slipped the rubber balloon into his right nostril and managed to hide it away from the guards.

But when he tried to remove it so he could use the drug, the inmate accidentally lodged the balloon deeper into his nose. He later assumed that he swallowed the marijuana balloon.

The weed balloon never made it to the throat of the inmate.

Instead, it got stuck in a part of his nose, which later developed into a gray calcified lesion, that measured around 19 by 11 millimeters.

Rhinoliths, the case of the inmate, is uncommon, but it mostly forms around objects that have entered the nasal cavity or around blood clots.

The patient said he had frequent sinus infections and painful headaches when he was brought to the doctors.

A CT scan was done and the report of the scan showed that he had a “rubber capsule” in a part of his nose.

The doctors removed the capsule containing degenerate vegetable/plant matter under general anesthesia.

The authors of the study said, “At a three-month follow-up, the patient reported complete resolution of his sinonasal symptoms.”

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