Meet Amou Haji The Iranian Who Beat An Indian Man To Become The World’s Smelliest Man

Most of us take a bath on a daily basis and we do this in order to make sure that we smell nice and we stay presentable to the people that we meet, however, that’s not a case with the man that we are about to show you.

Amou Haji, an 87-year-old man from Iran, is the man who beat an Indian to become the world’s smelliest man.

How? Well, the answer is simple, he refuses to take a bath.

Haji has not taken a single bath in the last 67 years!

Yes, that happened and we are really amazed on how he managed to do that for such a long time.

Haji is from Dejgah, a village in the southern Iranian province of Iran and he looks like someone who fell in a gutter and refused to take a bath afterward.

Not to be offensive, but bro go take a bath.

The man is covered in dirt and it looks like his skin has a new layer of dirt over it.

So what’s the reason?

Haji believes that he will fall ill if he takes a bath.

The man said that he loves to eat rotten meat, especially meat that belongs to dead animals.

He also loves to smoke, but not tobacco or marijuana, instead, he loves to smoke animal poop and he does it out of a rusty pipe.

Not only that, but this man lives alone.

I mean, if I was living with you, I would tell you to socially distance from me too.

Haji also wears a war helmet, not to fight anyone but instead he does it so he could stay warm during the winter season.

The man lives in a hole that he dig up in the ground and he says he did it because it resembles a grave, which helps him stay in touch with the reality of life.

But despite the fact that he is scared of taking a bath with fresh water, the man drinks 5 liters of water on a daily basis.

The man left his family when he was young so he could follow his beliefs and he has been living alone since then.

Let’s hope the best for Haji.

What are your thoughts on Haji and the fact that he has not taken a single bath in the last 67 years? Let us know what you think about him and his fear for water by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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