Mentally Challenged Man In Uttar Pradesh Murders 6-Year-Old Son

A mentally challenged man from Tajganj, Uttar Pradesh, murdered his 6-year-old son and allegedly used it in occult practices.

It is reported that the incident happened on August 10, 2019.

Amit Kumar, the main accused, murdered Rishi Tomar, his 6-year-old son, when he was supposed to drop him off at his school.

The incident came to light when the school administration called the family members of the kid and asked why their son was absent.

The grandfather of the child registered a missing complaint at the local police station after the school administration informed them that their son was missing.

Reports suggest that the family members of Amit Kumar said that their son took part in a number of occult practices before.

The dead body of the 6-year-old has been found and has been sent for an autopsy.

The police have also arrested Amit Kumar and have started to question him.

The police are currently trying to find out if someone else is involved in the crime.

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