Mother Left Furious After Finding Out Husband Went To Play Golf Instead Of Seeing Their Premature Baby In Hospital

A mother of 3 kids was left furious after she found out that her husband went to play golf with his friends instead of visiting his newborn premature son in the hospital.

The woman claimed that he had not seen their little one for days.

The mother couldn’t understand why her husband would rather spend time with his golf friends instead of bonding with his newborn son.

The mother, whose identity was not shared with the public, had a pretty rough time.

She had her amniotic sac rupture 30 weeks into the pregnancy, which left her confined in a hospital bed for 1 month.

2 days before going into labor, she went into labor.

At just 34 weeks, the woman delivered her baby, who was rushed to the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit).

When the woman was discharged from the hospital, she stayed home so she could take care of her 2 other children.

As this was happening, the husband went to work.

Talking about her situation, the woman said, “I am pumping breast milk every three hours because I feel like this is the only way that I am able to help my baby at this point.”

The mother was trying her best to keep everything together, which really made her stress a lot.

But things took a massive turn when her husband decided to go on his weekly golf plans instead of bonding with his son and helping her in the house.

The woman said that she was expecting her husband to come to the hospital, but he did not.

When he did not come, she confronted him, which led the husband to call her ridiculous for not allowing him to go out.

The woman said, “I feel like it is absolutely important to go out and do things for yourself that you enjoy but not when you just had a baby three days ago.”

The mother shared the story on Reddit and went on to ask users if she had the right to be upset with her husband.

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