Do You Know That ‘The Length Of Your Thumb Says About Your Life’, Check Yours

Many of us might have read many traits about different personalities. We have seen palm reading and many go and know about their future. Many of them believe and many doesn’t. But there are some that believe you can look beyond your palm to reveal more about your life than just how long you’ll live. Do you know that the length of your fingers can also depict your love relationship?

Finger related to love life

Here are some steps to follow your love life using the fingers.

1. The top half of the finger is bigger than the bottom half

First half bigger than second half

People having bigger top half finger are seemed to be faithful and passionate about their partner. Once they get committed, they become very obsessive about where they are and what they’re doing. For example, they can eve drop from their work for his/her relationship. If they need you, you’re there. If they don’t, you’re still there. Create that perfect balance and you’ll have that perfect relationship you’ve worked so hard to find.

2. The First and Second halves of finger are equal

Both halves are equal

People having both halves equal are said to be calm and composed when it comes to a relationship. They are even-headed. People with this kind of fingers, their biggest success and biggest failure is setting goals. They will have a plan and they will stick to that plan. They won’t let their emotions carried away. But due to having the nature of calm going, it’s unlikely to move fast in a relationship at most they end up in an ambiguous relationship.

3. The top half of the finger is smaller than the bottom half

first half smaller than second half

People having such fingers, are been trusted, reliable and have classic observation skills. They think a lot of time for anything they want. This is awesome, because once you’ve found someone it increases the likelihood that you’ve found ‘the one’.  Even if they have a crush on someone, they will restrain their feeling. They’ll find someone who can help them let go of all their worries.

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