Auschwitz Survivor Lily Ebert Recovers From Coronavirus At 97

A 97-year-old Auschwitz survivor named Lily Ebert has recovered from the coronavirus at a very old age and is currently serving as a inspiration for many, many, many people all over the world that are battling the virus.

Dov Forman, 17, shared a picture of Ebert’s first walk since catching the virus on Twitter, where it went viral right away.

Forman said that he and his father contracted the virus last April and Ebert was healthy, however things changed after she got the first dose of the vaccine.

On December 17 of last year, Ebert got the first dose of the vaccine and she started to feel ill.

Talking about her condition, Ebert said:

I was very tired, very sleepy. I really don’t know what it is, but I felt very down. You could not do anything. It is terrible.

In January, Ebert tested positive for the coronavirus and she ended up spending 3 weeks at home while recovering.

Doctors made daily visits to their house in London to make sure that she was taking all the medications that were needed.

The family said they did not want Ebert to end up in a hospital because they were fearing that they would never see her again.

Talking about Ebert, Forman said:

But we knew, she’s a fighter, she’s obviously a survivor of Auschwitz and many other things in her life and she never gives up, and she’s, as I said to my tweet, a true survivor, a true fighter, and we knew she’d get through it, and she didn’t give up, and that’s how, thank God, she recovered.

The lockdowns from the coronavirus allowed Forman and his great grandmother to bond together.

He also got to know a lot about his grandmother’s days in Auschwitz and the importance of sharing that history.

Ebert said that she arrived to Auschwitz on the last transport from Hungary on July 9, 1994.

She spent 4 months in the camp as a teen was forced to work in a factory as as slave.

She lost her mother, brother, and sister in the camp.

Ebert said that over 100 of her family were killed during that year. She said her aunties, uncles, nephews, and other relatives got killed.

Such an inspiration Ebert is for the youth of our generation. May she stay strong and feel better after beating the coronavirus.

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