South Korean Who Thought Washing Cash Will Kill Coronavirus Ends Up Destroying Over $19,000

A knucklehead from South Korea who thought that washing money will kill the coronavirus ended up destroying around 23 million won ($19,320).

He literally went nuts and did money laundering, laundry, you get the joke.

Eom, the person, damaged around 23 million won near Seoul, South Korea, earlier this year.

He then contacted the Bank of Korea to ask if it could be exchanged for new bills.

It is still unclear how much money was damaged but the bank said it returned 507 of the damaged 50,000-won ($42) bills at half value.

Seo Jee Woun, a bank representative of the Bank of Korea, said that under the policy of the bank, they will be providing new cash at face value if the damage is minimal.

But if the damage is significant, they will give half value or nothing at all.

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