Woman Shocked After Finding Massive Banana That Was The Same Size Of Her Arm

Sam Palmer, a woman from Somerset, was left in complete shock after finding a massive banana that was the same size of her arm.

Yes, her arm.

The average size of a banana is usually anywhere from 5 to 8 inches long, but this one was really long.

Sam said that she found the fruit in her family’s grocery order.

Upon looking at the banana, it turned out to be bigger than her arm.

To prove her claims, Sam also shared images of the massive banana in order to authenticate her claims.

32-year-old Sam rushed the massive banana to her mother and was laughing out loud.

She took images of the banana and proved that it was actually the same size of her arm.

Talking about the banana, she said:

It’s the biggest banana I’ve ever seen. It was double, if not triple the size, of the ones I already had [in the house]. It was about 12 inches long in total. It tasted really good, it was better than the little ones I had. It’s the best banana I’ve had in my life.

Sam said that her mother picked up the banana from a local supermarket on January 28, 2021.

Sam added:

The sheer size of it made me laugh, I’ve never seen a banana that big before, it was a bit thicker than a regular banana too. I just thought it was hilarious.

One big banana for one small person please!

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