4 Chinese Travelers Eat 30 Kilograms Of Oranges In 30 Minutes To Avoid Paying Extra Baggage Fee

4 people from China are currently going viral on social media right now for eating 30 kilograms of oranges in 30 minutes so they could avoid paying an extra baggage fee.

I feel them, but not to an extent that I would do such thing.

Wang and his colleagues bought a box of oranges for 50 yuan, which is around $7 and it had 30 kilograms of oranges, when they were on a business trip in Kunming, China.

When they were on their way back, the staff of the airport said that they would have to pay 10 yuan for each kilogram of the oranges that they had bought.

Instead of paying the fee because it was too much, they ended up eating the entire thing.

Modern problems require modern solutions, probably Wang.

Talking about the incident, Wang said that they ate the entire 30 kilogram box of oranges in the span of 30 minutes.

During an interview with the Global Times, Wang said:

We just stood there and ate the whole thing up. It took about 20-30 minutes

After finishing the entire box, everyone in the group started to develop early signs of ulcers in their mouths.

After eating them, the group said that they would never eat oranges again.

Images of the group eating the oranges were shared on social media.

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