Woman From Texas Tests Positive For Coronavirus Months After Recovering

A woman from Texas, USA, said that she has tested positive for the coronavirus again after she recovered from it a couple of months earlier.

Meredith McKee said that she beat the virus and donated plasma 2 times before she got admitted to the Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas, Texas, last Friday.

Talking about her test results, McKee said that she was floored when she got to know she had the deadly disease.

4 months ago, when she first got the deadly disease, McKee experienced clear symptoms of the deadly disease.

McKee said that she had a dry cough that would not go away.

She did beat up the deadly disease and tested positive for antibodies, which meant that her body had developed some immunity against the deadly disease.

However, McKee went with high blood pressure and a headache to the hospital, where she tested positive again for the deadly disease.

McKee said her doctors believe the deadly disease became dormant after her first round and then it re-emerged.

Dr. William Schaffner, who works as an infectious disease expert at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which is located in Nashville, USA, said that a second positive result means that the virus is taking a longer time to leave the body of the host.

Dr. Schaffner said:

It’s possible that people could shed remnants of the virus for some period of time. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong with them or that they are contagious.

Talking about her current feelings, McKee said:

I’m mortified and I’m seriously devastated.

The Texas woman is struggling with the possibility that she might have exposed other people with the deadly disease.

An epidemiologist at UT Southwestern, who is not working on the case of McKee, said that catching the coronavirus twice is a possibility, but it is something that is very uncommon.

Dr. Robert Haley, who works with the UT Southwestern, said:

We don’t really know how serious the illness is the second time compared to the first time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you McKee, we hope you recover fast from the deadly disease.

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