Education Minister Samir Ranjan Das Said Odisha Will Shut Down 966 Public Schools

The government of Odisha has announced that they will be shutting down 966 public schools in the state due to “shortage issues”.

During an interview with ANI, Education Minister Samir Ranjan Das said, “Odisha government has decided to close 966 public schools that have below 10 students.”

Minister Das added that some of the public schools only had 2-3 students.

Minister Das continued, “It is not possible for the government to provide teachers and infrastructure to the students given there is an acute shortage of teachers.”

Teachers and students of the public schools that are going to be shut down are going to be moved to schools that are located near them.

The government of Odisha also has a new plan to enhance the performance of students in the state.

Minister Das said, “To encourage these students, the government has decided to pay Rs. 3000, Rs. 4000 and Rs. 6000 as conveyance allowance as per their attendance.”

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