Naach Ke Pagal: Dhinchak Pooja Releases New Song And It Is Driving Everyone Nuts

Dhinchak Pooja loves to drop bangers on her YouTube account, but her songs do not please anyone. The singer/comedian, went viral after she released Selfie Maine Leli Aaj, and last week, she released a new banger called Naach Ke Pagal.

The song was uploaded on her YouTube page on Thursday and it already has over 4 million views. The song is even listed on the trending list of YouTube.

As usual, the song is just a meme sort of song and is full of lyrics that just make you think “what the heck am I listening to”.

Here is the Full Naach Ke Pagal song by Dhinchak Pooja:

And here are some of the reactions it got on Twitter:

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