Kind People Give Apartment To Well-Loved Cleaner After She Became Homeless During This Pandemic

A cleaner that was hit hard during this coronavirus pandemic was given an apartment by kind hearted people that live in the building where she works.

You can watch the video below:

The woman was gifted a 2-year lease on a penthouse apartment by the ones that saw her work hard.

Rosa, a cleaner from New York City, was left shocked after she got a 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom house.

A post that was made on Reddit shared the amazing news and it showed Rosa taking the elevator up to the penthouse.

She initially thought that she was being brought there to clean up.

It was said in the post that Rosa was struggling financially after she lost her job during this pandemic, and as a result, she ended up living with her sister.

Rosa has worked as a cleaner at a luxury high-rise building for the last 20 years.

Talking about Rosa, the maker of the video said:

Everyone loves her, so we decided to give back to the woman who gives so much to everyone. She has no idea she’s about to get the penthouse.

Despite being hit hard by this pandemic, the woman still came to work on a daily basis and had a huge smile on her face.

The makers of the video said they did not tell Rosa the good news and just suggested that she was there to clean up.

Upon looking at the kitchen of the house, the woman said she hopes the people who are going to live in the house like to cook because the kitchen is “perfect”.

The makers of the video also took her on a tour to show her the huge terrace.

The real estate agent told her in the video:

The people that live here have been telling me a lot about your contributions to this building and a lot of people here in this building are a big fan of you. You’re kind of a celebrity here, you’re very well-loved, and I know it’s been a tough year for you and your family and there’s been a lot of financial hardships. I have a contract here for a two-year lease on this unit that some of your fans knocked together. They’re taking care of it, all you have to do is sign and take the keys and this unit is yours for the next two years.

Rosa was left in shock after the good news was given to her.

She broke down and was in tears right away.

Her apartment is 2500 square feet big and has a walk-in closet along with 2 outdoor spaces.

Such an amazing thing to do in such rough time.

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