Good Samaritan Gives His Sweatpants To Homeless Man That Was Wearing Shorts On Cold Evening

A man from California, USA, is currently viral on social media right now, after they were pictured taking off their sweatpants in order to give them to a homeless man.

The entire incident is just amazing and everyone on social media loves them right now!

The moment was caught on cam by Daniel Richards and his wife.

The family said that they were on a late-night snack run in Fresno when they met David, a man.

After offering him food, the family realized that he was only wearing a pair of shorts, and the temperatures were dropping to near freezing.

The family was concerned, so they started to brainstorm.

After realizing that they had to do something to help the man out, the couple did something that none of us would do.

Daniel offered David the sweatpants he was wearing in order to keep him warm.

The wife of Daniel caught the entire moment on cam and shared it on TikTok, where it went viral right now.

Talking about the moment, the wife of Daniel said:

We noticed he didn’t have any pants on, just very short running shorts and he seemed to be very cold. After getting into our vehicle my husband began to tell me there’s no way he could drive off knowing that man would possibly go to sleep that night on the sidewalk or behind a building without any pants or blanket of the sort. We had a short conversation while realizing it was too late to go to the store and before I knew it my husband was getting out of the car approaching David. That’s when I decided to pull out my phone and record.

When asked why they did not give the sweatpants removed already, the family said that they did want to freak him out.

I mean, imagine someone without pants running towards you, I would say they’re a crack head.

The wife of Daniel added:

There was never any intention to record this for popularity or fame or to exploit this homeless man, My intentions were purely based on the fact that although I know my husband and we have been together over 10 years he has never wavered in doing the right thing or making the right decision.

It’s amazing to see such kind acts these days.

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