Valentine Week List February 2020: Complete List Of Valentine Week (7 Feb – 21 Feb) Days Names Schedule

The month of February is considered by many as the month of love. The sole reason for this is because Valentine’s Day falls on February 14 each year. On this day, people all over the world tell their loved ones how special they are. Boyfriends, husbands, brothers, and sons bring the special women in their life to fancy dinners or gift them toys or chocolates on this day.

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Complete Valentine Week List February 2020

First Day of Valentine Rose Day Friday 7th February 2020
Second Day of Valentine Propose Day Saturday 8th Feb 2020
Third Day of Valentine Chocolate Day Sunday 9th Feb 2020
Fourth Day of Valentine Teddy Day Monday 10th Feb 2020
Fifth Day of Valentine Promise Day Tuesday 11th Feb 2020
Sixth Day of Valentine Hug Day Wednesday 12th Feb 2020
Seventh Day of Valentine Kiss Day Thursday 13th Feb 2020
Valentine’s Day Happy Valentine’s Day Friday 14th Feb 2020

Complete Valentine Week Days List 2020

  1. 7th February Rose Day:

On this day, an admirer hands out a rose to the person they love. This applies on men and women, girls and boys, brothers and sisters, and friends. Remember, valentine’s does not mean it’s only for boyfriends and girlfriends, this day is to show the special people in your life that you love them.

  1. 8th February Propose Day:

On February 8, people propose to the person that they love. This day is especially for admirers or couples who are trying to bring their love to the next level. On this day, men ask the women they love if they would be willing to become their special ones.

  1. 9th February Chocolate Day:

On February 9, people hand out chocolates to the people they love. Most of the time, men would hand out fancy and expensive chocolates or sweets to the women they love. Not only for women, but men also use this day to give chocolates to their mother.

  1. 10th February Teddy Day:

Women love February 10, that’s because it’s Teddy Day. On this day, men hand out teddy bears to the women that they love. Teddy bears are given to women so it can act as a remembrance.

  1. 11th February Promise Day

On this day, people make promises to their loved ones. This day serves as a bond strengthening day, where couples, admirers, and friends make promises that they will be trying to keep for the rest of their lives.

  1. 12th February Hug Day:

On this day, people hug it out. This day is for physical love, where men and women tell their love by hugging it out.

  1. 13th February Kiss Day:

This day is not for the young ones. For couples and adult admirers, this day is used to tell the people you love about how they feel about each other. Kiss is the sweetest and most romantic way of showcasing one’s love to another, on this day, you will see a lot of it.

  1. 14th February Valentine Day:

This day is celebrated by almost every single person on planet earth. This day is used by all to admit, show, and tell people how they feel about one another. This day can be used to tell your mother, brother, father, sister, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, and even stepfamilies on how you feel about them.

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