Valentine Week List 2017: Here’s Complete List Of Valentine Week (7 Feb – 14 Feb) Days Names Schedule

Valentine Week is the one of the best week which every couple wants to celebrate with each other. Valentine week list, schedule sheet from 07 February (Rose Day) to 14 February (Valentines Day). Every year we are celebrating this most famous and highly awaiting festival of love. We are sure that this list gives you the better idea about to make you specified valentine day more memorable and most romantic as per the specified day of valentines week date sheet. Date sheet before and after 14th February, Valentines Day is provided below.

Valentine Week 2017

Valentine Week 2017 List | Valentine Week Schedule:

7 Feb 2017: Rose Day
8 Feb 2017: Propose Day
9 Feb 2017: Chocolate Day
10 Feb 2017: Teddy Day
11 Feb 2017: Promise Day
12 Feb 2017: Hug Day
13 Feb 2017: Kiss Day
14 Feb 2017: Valentine Day
15 Feb 2017: Slap Day
16 Feb 2017: Kick Day
17 Feb 2017: Perfume Day
18 Feb 2017: Flirting Day
19 Feb 2017: Confession Day
20 Feb 2017: Missing Day
21 Feb 2017: Breakup Day

7th February Rose Day:

February 7, 2017, will be celebrated as “Rose Day” and it is the first day of valentine day week so on this day a boy/girl give a rose to each other.

7th February Rose Day


It’s not only for the loved it also for friends and everyone who want to celebrate Rose Day. Fresh and blooming rose can enchant your beloved in your love. Happy Rose Day.

8th February Propose Day:

Now, the next day 8th Feb 2017 will be observed as “Propose day”. The couple can open their heart while talking, and walk and gossip with their dearest one.

8th February Propose Day

Proposing should be in such a manner that would leave your impression in the heart and mind of your beloved. Proposing should be initiated by giving a beautiful gift. Happy Propose Day.

9th February Chocolate Day:

Everyone loves it, the recipes are endless and February 9th is celebrated as a chocolate day for lovers. Chocolate is one of the world’s favorite flavors, possibly THE most loved taste across the world.

happy chocolate day

So, stir the sweetness of chocolate in your love by gifting a bar of chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day.

10th February Teddy Day:

10th February in the love season of valentines week is celebrated as the Teddy day. In Teddy, you found a selfless, respectful, vivacious personality who has taught you every time. So, on this soft and lovely day of valentines week don’t forget to send a lovely teddy bear to your loved ones lover girlfriend boyfriend husband wife.

10th February Teddy Day

All loves (especially girls) likes teddy bear (Soft toy) very much. They always keep them in their bedroom with sweet and good memories.

11th February Promise Day:

It’s Promise Day on 11th February. It’s the day to express your trust for your loved ones. Promises build faith in relationships. On this day lovers promise to each other of loyalty, togetherness and endless affection.

11th February Promise Day

While old couples renew their promises to make him/her relationship more strong and long live. So gays make promises on this day and go through those promises and celebrate your relationship with your lovers. Happy Promise Day

12th February Hug Day:

Hug Day is celebrated on 12th February 2016. Hug Day is a favorable way to show your loved ones and best friends that you care and make them feel special.

12th February Hug Day

Happy Hug Day is celebrated so that you can give a hug to your special someone and bring an instant smile to their face. And to be very true, IT FEELS SO GOOD. So spread your arms and find someone to squeeze. Happy Hug Day.

13th February Kiss Day:

13th February comes with the closer relationship among lovers couples after making a promise on promise day. A kiss gives a very special feeling that no one can’t take without giving, and no one can’t give without taking.

13th February Kiss Day

On this special moment of valentine week lovers, couples, gf/bf can show him her love feeling to the very special person in him her life by giving a kiss or lips lock on this kiss day and make him her kiss day special and memorable. Happy Kiss Day.

14th February Valentine Day:

The celebration of grand love party comes now. After waiting 7 days of the season of love or valentines week i.e. Rose Day, Propose day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day and Hug Day the time of high celebration comes on 14th February.

happy valentine day

The day of love is another name of Valentine day. Valentine day highly awaiting day by all new lovers couples girlfriends boyfriends husband-wife etc. To make this day more lovable and memorable lovers and couples go outside together for a long drive and enjoy the dinner in a restaurant with him her loved ones. Happy Valentine Day.

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