VALENTINES WEEK 2019 List and HD Wallpapers

VALENTINES WEEK 2019 List: Full Week’s Itinerary

Feb 7, Thursday Rose Day
Feb 8, Friday Propose Day
Feb 9, Saturday Chocolate Day
Feb 10, Sunday Teddy Day
Feb 11, Monday Promise Day
Feb 12, Tuesday Hug Day
Feb 13, Wednesday Kiss Day
Feb 14, Thursday Valentine’s Day


Every February 14 people celebrate the day of love, in which they tell every person they love about how much they mean to them. Usually, people give out chocolates and flowers, but for some, this is the perfect moment to ask one person out or propose to them. Also, Valentine’s Day is celebrated to honor Saint Valentine. Lovebirds start by marking each day with special meaning, they usually start by making promises and giving roses to each other.

The Valentine’s week starts from February 7 and ends on the 14th. Here are the meanings of each day:


The Rose Day is the first day of the Valentines Week, usually, lovers start the week by giving roses to the person they love, this makes a romantic and lovely mood. The Rose Day is dedicated to showing your love through giving roses to those people you love.


The second day is the most awaited day for those who are trying to propose to the person they love, the Propose Day is dedicated to proposing to someone in a romantic spot. But this day can be more special if you are trying to seal the deal, perhaps with a ring?


The chocolate day is the most loved day by a lot of the ladies, as it is the day were lovers offers food to woo the person they love. The sweet taste of chocolate signifies the love both lovers share, and chocolate is a good weapon to make the person you love to surrender to your romantic cause.


The 4th day is the Teddy Day, as we all know women love teddy bears and it is one thing that they call cute and cuddly. Take advantage of this day and give her a teddy bear.


In the Promise Day, lovers remind the person they love about all those promises you made to each other when you started to date, or sometimes lovers use this day to renew the love they used to have by making new promises that will strengthen their relationships.


The kiss day is all about showing your love to the person you love by kissing her, you start off by kissing her gently and tell her how much you love her. To make this day sweeter, kiss her every time you get a chance. Show your love to her by kissing her, perhaps once every 20 or 10 minutes?


Hug day is almost the same with Kiss day, but the only difference is that instead of kissing her you greet her with the tightest and warmest hug. Make it feel like you would never let her go.


This is the final day of the Week, On the valentine’s day itself you show her why you are loving her in the first place, tell her how much you love her, tell her she looks beautiful even if she does not have make-up on, tell her about how she makes you laugh even if her jokes are not funny, on this day you make her fall in love with you like it’s the first time she fell in love.

Here are Valentines Day Wallpapers for 2019:

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