Air New Zealand Is Now Testing Edible Vanilla-Flavored Coffee Cups To Reduce Plastic Waste

Air New Zealand, the national carrier of New Zealand, is now offering edible vanilla-flavored coffee cups to passengers.

The latest addition comes along with hopes of reducing waste that is produced during flights.

Air New Zealand is already offering the edible cups and has switched to biodegradable cups on their plane flights and their lounges.

Because the company wants to go into more eco-friendly options, they collaborated with Twiice, a business that is dedicated to making edible plant-based cups.

The cups made by Twiice are vanilla-flavored and are capable of withstanding the heat of coffee without melting.

Niki Chave, the customer experience manager of Air New Zealand, said customers have tested out their edible cups, which have been loved by the customers.

Air New Zealand serves 8 million cups of coffee on their commercial flights per year, the edible cups will cut those numbers in huge ways.

Jamie Cashmore, the co-founder of Twiice, says the firm is working on a new line of edible plates and dishes for Air New Zealand.

This is not the only move Air New Zealand has made to go in the green way.

Earlier this year, Air New Zealand announced that they are going to place condiments such as soy sauce and salad dressings in small reusable bowls instead of individual one-use plastic packets.

Looks like companies all over the world are coming together to fight global warming and plastic pollution!

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