New Zealand: Crowd members stunned as man runs in front of charging horses at racecourse

Crowd members were left stunned after a man in New Zealand managed to get through tight security and stand in front of charging horses at a racecourse.

A member of the public managed to walk onto the racecourse and was seen standing in the middle.

Horses were also seen racing towards to the finishing line.

Despite standing in the middle of the racecourse, the person was unhurt and the professional jockeys managed to avoid the man.

It was later said that the incident happened 150 meters from the end of race eight.

Horses were at full speed, but luckily, the man was not hit.

After the incident, the intruder was arrested by the police.

The offender was pictured right in the center of the track as jockeys were coming at full speed in order to finish the race.

Danielle Johnson, the champion of the race, said that the man was lucky he did not get hurt or run over by the horses

Te Akau Racing, a racing powerhouse in New Zealand, released a statement about the incident.

They said:

Barbaric – he could have killed our horses and our humans — and himself.

The police said the man is likely to be charged with endangering public safety.

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