50 Percent Of The Current Donkey Population Could Be Killed In The Next 5 Years Due To The Rising Demand Of Chinese Medicine

According to a new report, half of the world’s donkey population could be killed in the next 5 years.

In the new study, it states that 50 percent of the donkeys in the world can be wiped out in the next 5 years due to a surge in demands for donkey hides.

Donkey hides are mostly used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The report was released by the Donkey Sanctuary.

The report shows that populations of donkeys are already collapsing in Asia, South America, and Africa.

Donkey hides are mostly used in a medicine that is called “ejiao”. This traditional medicine uses donkey hides as the main ingredient.

Thousands of donkeys are extorted, kidnapped, and killed just to be slaughtered for the product.

The report suggests that China currently needs 4.8 million donkey hides per year to keep up with the current demand for ejiao production.

Due to the high demand of donkey hides, donkeys are being exported from South America, Africa, and Asia to China.

The donkey population in China has been reduced to 76 percent since 1992.

In Brazil, the donkey population declined by 28 percent since 2007. Botswana saw a 37 percent drop and Kyrgyzstan saw a drop by 53 percent.

The report says, “With just under five million skins needed every year for ejiao production, the industry would need more than half the world’s current donkeys over the next five years to meet demand.”

If donkeys are going to be killed at the current rate, it will have a huge impact on the livelihood of nearly 500 million people in the next 5 years.

The most affected are going to be the poorest communities in the world, where animals are necessary for work.

In the poorest countries and other developed areas, people use donkeys to help them transport goods such as water, wood, food, and even carriages.

Some donkeys are also used to help kids go to school.

Mike Baker, the Chief Executive of the Donkey Sanctuary, said, “This is suffering on an enormous and unacceptable scale. This suffering is not just confined to donkeys as it also threatens the livelihood of millions of people.”

Mike added, “The skin trade is the biggest threat to donkey welfare we have ever seen. Urgent action needs to be taken.”

The report that was published b the organization says that donkeys that are pregnant and even the young ones are being transported to China and are being killed for their skin.

The poor animals are brought to slaughterhouses and are handled by unskilled handlers, who brutally kill them for their skims.

In order to help the Donkey Sanctuary fight the illegal smuggling of the donkeys, you can contact them here.

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