Antibiotic Awareness Week: 6 Things That Happen To Your Body After Overusing Antibiotics

Antibiotic Awareness Week: Antibiotics are medicines that destroy and slow down the growth of bacteria in a person or a living organism’s body. Antibiotics are mostly used to cure diseases, stop infections from spreading, or treating certain illnesses, but some of us use them when we don’t even need them. It is important to know that antibiotics are not effective in treating infections such as normal coughs, cold, and flu. Taking them when not really needed may put you at risk of getting antibiotic resistance, which means medicines such as antibiotics will not work when given to you at a time of infection.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), overusing and taking antibiotics puts all of us at health risks as they may destroy your good cells too. This is why the WHO has set November 18 to 24 as the Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019, where doctors, health experts, researchers, and bloggers come together to talk about some of the side effects that are caused by overusing antibiotics and other treatments at home.

6 Risks That Are Caused By Overusing Antibiotics

If someone tells you to take antibiotics or you just self-prescribe it, you may be at the risk of a number of things, which includes the following:

  1. Taking antibiotics when you don’t really need them can lead your body to create antibiotic resistance. When you take antibiotics, your body kills all the bacteria inside it, this includes the good and the bad ones, they also create resistance. As you take the same antibiotic again and again without really needing it, your body’s bacteria will create resistance to it. Once your body creates resistance to antibiotics, medicines that are used to cure infections will stop working on you. Bacteria will survive longer in your body, and it will multiply at a much faster rate.

  1. When the bacteria in your body becomes resistant to antibiotics, common infections such as cold, fever, wound infections, UTI, and more will no longer be treatable. This may cause you many problems and even death in worse case scenarios.

  1. Infections can hit you anytime, and once your body becomes resistant to the medicines, you will become untreatable. This also applies to home remedies that are being offered by ayurvedic doctors and DIY videos on YouTube.

  1. Bacteria in your body multiply at a much faster rate, and your immune system will start to collapse. Antibiotics will no longer work, and to list a fact, there are only a number of antibiotics available today.

  1. Taking antibiotics when you don’t really need them creates a huge problem. Companies are not making new antibiotics every single day, but the amounts of new bacteria that are showing up are more. So once you develop antibiotic resistance, your body will no longer fight against the bacteria.

  1. After becoming resistant to antibiotics, none of the currently available treatments are going to work for you. Bacteria in your body will multiply and you couldn’t do anything about it.

When you’re sick, let your body work itself out of it. Normal flu, colds, coughs, and fever can be managed by your body. You do not need antibiotics for them, and people should also stop taking medicines from unregistered doctors.

Note: When you’re sick, please consult your doctors. The information that is mentioned above was gathered from blogs that are found on the internet. We are not doctors. If symptoms of a certain illness persist for 3 days, please consult your doctor and get yourself checked.

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