Bear in mind all these points if you’re traveling to Hong Kong for the first time

Is your next destination Hong Kong? If yes, you’d better know that there’s much more going on in Hong Kong than what you may perceive. First things should come first, so let’s get things correct about the situation of this place. Hong Kong consists of two sides, the Kowloon side and Hong Kong Island side. While it is not that one side is far better than the other but both sides offer splendid attractions, rocking nightlife, amazing shopping destinations and great views.

While figuring out which side to stay, you have to do some research on the things that will interest you in Hong Kong and select a place that is convenient according to your itinerary. One more thing to factor in is the epic views of the Hong Kong skyline which you can view from your hotel room. Here are few tips to keep in mind if you’re traveling to Hong Kong for the first time.

1. Take international debit cards

Before you pack your bags, there are some rules about visiting Hong Kong that you should bear in mind. If you’re an Indian, you should apply for and complete an online Hong Kong PAR (pre-arrival registration) before you think of enjoying a 14-day visa-free visit. Visa is On-Arrival as per the rules of the Hong Kong Immigration Department. You have to carry international credit cards as these may charge additional amount for usage. Make sure you exchange currency at Hong Kong banks for grabbing better rates.

2. Be a smart and wise shopper

In Hong Kong, you’ll find shops in every possible corner. This is why it is called a shopper’s paradise where you’ll be literally spoilt for choices. Most of the items in Hong Kong will have a fixed price where the price is visible on the items. In case you don’t see the prices clearly, you get a chance to bargain. Shop around before settling down with one item. If you’re an art lover, you should visit the art galleries near Wyndham Street and Hollywood Road. They sell amazing Chinese artworks.

3. Book your hotel before time

Accomodation in Hong Kong is something that will give you the biggest pocket pinch and this means you’ve got to do a lot of homework. As communication barrier might have an impact on the quality of your travel experience, the best bet is to book a guesthouse. Guesthouses in Hong Kong are comfortable, clean and air-conditioned. However, make sure you stay only in licensed guesthouses.

4. Get a tourist Octopus card

Hong Kong’s transport network is a developed one that encompasses both private and public transport. Tourists are blessed with myriad of options. Get a Sold Tourist Octopus card at the airport for grabbing the best deals. It is the most convenient way of paying for your travel expenses that you incur in Hong Kong. It is a smart-card that is rechargeable and can be used in buses, MTR trains, trams and ferries. You may also use this card at fast food restaurants.

5. Know few Cantonese phrases

There will be times when you’ll have to negotiate with some local or ask for a way and this is when you’ll be in need of few common Cantonese phrases and words as they don’t understand fluent English. Even if they do, you shouldn’t speak fluent English too fast with them. Avoid using difficult terms, keep it simple. Learning few Cantonese words online would be a better idea.

Hong Kong is not only a place to visit but it is an experience! The pumping heart of the shining urban centre is filled with delights for couples, young travelers and families. Book your personalized trip to Hong Long and make it a memorable trip.

Author Bio: Susan Noel is an experienced content writer. She is associated with many renowned travel blogs as a guest author where she shares her valuable travel tips with the audience.

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