Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin And Other Dolphins Return Back To Hong Kong As Coronavirus Halts Ferry Traffic

An extremely rare pink dolphin was caught on cam returning back to Hong Kong thanks to the halt in ferry traffic in the country.

The Chinese White Dolphin, which is also known as the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin, was seen in the normally dense waterways around the city.

The lack of ferry traffic resulted to the dolphin coming back.

The re-appearance was seen in the Pearl River Delta that connects busy Macau to Hong Kong, a much busier country.

Since March this year, sightings have increased by 30 percent.

Only 52 of the estimated 2,000 dolphins entered the waters around the city last year because of heavy ferry traffic.

Lindsay Porter, a marine biologist at the University of St. Andrews, said that she got to look at and study the animal thanks to the pandemic.

They dropped microphones into the waters that are around the city.

The team of Porter found out that Dolphins have adapted more rapidly to the dip in ferry traffic in the country.

Porter explained to the Reuters that local authorities are yet to make efforts to protect the dolphins.

The dolphins are largely relying on marine parks, where boat traffic is limited, but not completely barred.

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