Best Easy To Make Vegetarian Indian Dishes You Should Try Or Make At Home – With Recipes And How To Make Steps

Indian cuisine is considered as one of the best in Asia. It offers unique, smoky, traditional, and flavorful dishes for vegetarians. Indian food is amazing, it has a lot of history with it, and it’s full of herbs and spices. As a matter of fact, many consider Indian cuisine as the best in the world. A study even backs this claim, and its reason behind people loving Indian food so much is because of the herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients Indian dishes use.

Making Indian food at your come can sound really hard, but in reality, it is not. To help you pick the next Indian dish you should make at home, we bring you some of the best vegetarian Indian dishes that Indians love.

Best Vegetarian Indian Traditional Dishes You Should Try Or Make At Home

  1. Spinach and Cottage Cheese (Palak Paneer)

Palak Paneer is considered as one of the best North Indian Recipe. It is also very healthy, it uses a lot of spinach and cottage cheese. The paneer is pan-fried and is simmered in a spinach gravy afterwards. A tadka (fried ingredients) are prepared separately. The gravy and paneer is then mixed with a tadka that is made out of onions, garlic, herbs and spices, and tomatoes.

How To Make Palak Paneer:

  1. Black Lentils (Kaali Daal)

Kaali Daal, better known as saafte ma di daal, is something that is very easy to make and is delicious. Lentils are cooked in a pressure cooker and are mixed with a tadka (fried ingredients) that consists of onions, green chilies, tomatoes, herbs and spices, turmeric, and many more. A lot of people love to add butter in kaali daal, it helps give a much creamier taste.

How To Make Kaali Daal:

  1. Chickpea Curry (Chole Di Sabzi)

This one is known by everyone and is loved by all Indians. Chickpeas are cooked in a pressure cooker and are mixed with a tadka and gravy that is home made. The tadka consists of friend ingredients such as onions, ginger, tomatoes, herbs and spices, and many more. This one is best eaten with rotis, rice, and naans.

How To Make Chole Di Sabzi:

  1. Red Kidney Bean Curry (Rajma)

One of the best and easiest to make Indian dishes, the Rajma dish is a gravy based dish that is best served with steaming hot rice (plain). This dish only takes around 20-30 minutes to cook. If you want to cook this dish with a thick gravy, cook the Red Kidney beans in a pressure cooker. Make sure to add tomatoes to the tadka, it helps to make the gravy thick and flavorful.

How To Make Rajma:

  1. Green Peas And Cottage Cheese (Mutter Paneer)

This dish is considered as a food for the rich. Green peas along with cottage cheese are mostly served in luxurious marriages. It uses a rich tomato gravy with cream. Its tadka includes coriander, onions, cumin, turmeric, masala, and a number of other herbs and spices.

How To Make Mutter Paneer:


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