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Having a baby is the dream of parents, the feeling is exciting, overwhelming, or how some people say it “it’s the best feeling in the world”. When it comes to naming kids in Punjab, we usually go and check names from the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the holy book in the religion of Sikhism. The Sikh Community plays a huge role in naming kids in Punjab, this is because of the deep links with the religion.

Here Are The Best Punjabi Or Sikh Names For Baby Boys With Meanings

Achint                   Without worry

Agamjot               The profound, far-reaching light of God

Aneeldeep           Holy, pristine light

Aagyakar             one who is hearsome, obedient or willing to comply with                                       elders                                 

Aagyapal             The name aagyapal means the one who upholds the state                                       obedience                   

Aaradh                 The person having Deep love or affection                          

Aas                         the act of waiting or having hope            

Atol                       Vast, Limitless, Incalculable

Amrat                   God’s Nectar

Arjot                      Lots of Light

Balnoor                Light of the strong

Bhagatveer         The fearless devotee of God

Chetanjeet         Conqueror of the consciousness, the spirit of life

Chiragdeep        Lamp, light

Chirjot                  The light that lasts till infinity

Daler                     Bold, valiant, brave, heroic, fearless

Damanjeet         Victory over suppression

Dhanmeet          One who is friendly with charity

Dilsher                 Lion-hearted, one who is brave and determined

Ekam                     Oneness with God; united, unmatched, supreme spirit

Ekjot                      One divine light, God is one

Fatehbir               Victorious brave, champion

Fazilnoor             The light of the superior, scholar

Gulshandeep    The lamp of the rose garden

Guneet                 Meritorious, worthy, talented

Gurjas                   Fame of Lord; Fame of the Guru;                             

Gurkeerat           One who sings praises of the Guru

Gurman               Heart of the Guru; Spirit of the Guru; Soul of the Guru  

Gurmeet             Friend of Guru; A companion of the Guru

Gaganpreet        The one who like the sky a lot  

Gajan                    Huge sound or big noise.                            

Gatnirmal           One who got delivered by the spiritual powers                               

Gatsangat           One who has a great company or companion                                    

Gatshabad          One who is liberated through teacher’s words                 

Geetprakash      The light of a song or rhythm    

Gianrang             The meaning of the name is Embedded with Divine                                                   Knowledge  

Gianras                Gianras is an Indian male name with Sikh origins.                                                  

Gianratan            Gianratan is a male Indian name that means Germs of                                              Divine Knowledge.                         

Haashim              Generosity, kindness, with a bright heart                                           

Haatim                 Decisive by nature, determined, strong-minded               Boy                       

Hab                        Love, affiliation, friendship, hope          

Habash                 Guinea fowl, guinea hen                            

Hadir                     Beautiful, stunning, striking, the sound of thunder        

Hadon                  From the heath (heath meaning- open uncultivated land           

Hadrami              Nobel man, The name of the some prominent men                       

Hadrian                fascinating, A 2nd-century Roman emperor built a wall across northern Britain.              

Hadwin                War friend in English, In Teutonic the meaning is Friend in the war                                       

Hadwinn             Friend in war, an alternative to the spelling of Hadwin                                

Hadwyn               Companion during the war, Friend during wartime                                        

Hadwyne            Buddy in warfare, companion in wartime          

Janakiram           God’s name, name of Janki’s husband                                  

Janakiraman      Name of Lord Rama                       

Janakpreet         Fatherly love                    

JanakrIndian      Son of Janaki                                    

Janal                      He who is cute and sweet          

Janda                    A flag   

Jandro                  Spanish name meaning to defend          

Kaie                       Kaie means Pure, Torture           

Kailah                   Kailah name means Who is like God                     

Kaius                     Kaius means To Rejoice                               

Kaivalyan            Kaivalyan means Isolation          

Kajus                     The name Kajus means The One Who Rejoices                                

Kakubha              The name Kakubha means The one that Excels                                 

Kakudmi              Kakudumi name means Lofty                                    

Kakunda              The name Kakunda means Peak, Symbol of Royalty                       

Kal                          The name Kal means The Strong One    

Sochai                   To achieve something by thinking          

Sodhi                    To be a friendly person

Soor                       A Boy who is like the Sun

Sukhbir                One who is a warrior of peace                                  

Sukhbirpal          One who protects the warrior of the peace                        

Sukhchain           A peaceful person of calm nature                                           

Sukhcharanjit    A peaceful victory                          

Sukhdarshan      A happiness that can be seen   

Surjot                    The war between Gods                               

Sutantar               A man of good character                             

Swaranlal            A dreamy person                            

Talvir                     One who is a beautiful gift to the world                    

Tandeep              A body of light                                 

Tapinder              God’s devotion                               

Tarlochan            Third dimension; number three                              

Tarlochen            A beautiful person who is the star of the eyes                  

Tarvinder            God’s salvation in heaven          

Teg                         One who swings a sword                            

Tegbir                   Brave warrior with a sword                        

Tegh                      He who wields the sword                                           

Teijinder             God of grandeur             

Tejpal                   Protector of brilliance                  

Tekroop               Personification of God’s support                                            

Thalbir                  A brave warrior                                               

Thirath                 A holy place      

Note: You can also approach a Sikh priest when you’re naming your boy. A Sikh priest has a better list that consists of almost every letter.

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