Here Are The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2020

Despite having a rough start this year, people are coming up with unique ideas and names for their kids. Parents from all over the world are giving unique names to their newborn babies, and they should because times are changing fast.

From weird names to amazing names that have marvelous meanings, you just need to know about each one of them.

Thanks to resources all over the internet, we have gathered data and have created a list of the most popular baby names of 2020.

Top Girl Names Of 2020

Baby Name Meaning Of The Name
1.       Luna The name of the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna is derived straight from the Latin word for moon, luna.
2.       Aurora The name was borne by the Roman mythological goddess of dawn and by the princess in the popular fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.
3.       Maeve The origin of the name Maeve is Irish. Translated from the Gaelic, Maeve means “she who intoxicates.
4.       Olivia The name Olivia is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “olive tree”.
5.       Isla The name Isla is a girl’s name of Spanish, Scottish origin meaning “island”.
6.       Ava The name Ava is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “life”.
7.       Charlotte It is of French origin meaning “free man” or “petite”.
8.       Ophelia The name Ophelia means Helper and is of Greek origin.
9.       Eloise The name Eloise is a girl’s name of French, English origin meaning “healthy; wide”.
10.   Eleanor Greek for “bright, shining one.” Eleanor is an English version of the Provençal name Alienor.

Top Boy Names Of 2020

Baby Name Meaning Of The Name
1.       Asher The Hebrew meaning of Asher is “happy” (fortunate; blessed).
2.       Milo Milo is of uncertain derivation. It might be derived from the German mild (mild, peaceful, calm).
3.       Oliver In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Oliver is: The olive tree. The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity.
4.       Levi The name Levi is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “joined, attached”.
5.       Silas The name Silas is a boy’s name of English, Latin origin meaning “wood, forest”.
6.       Atticus Atticus is an old Roman (Latin) nickname meaning “man of Attica”.
7.       Theodore Theodore is a masculine given name. It comes from the Greek name Θεόδωρος (Theódoros) meaning “God-given”.
8.       Jasper Jasper is a masculine given name commonly believed to be of Persian origin, meaning “Treasurer”.
9.       Leo Leo is Latin for “lion,” and it was the name of many early Christian saints and several popes.
10.   Arlo Arlo (pronounced AR-loh) is a given name for males. The origin of the name is unclear.

Top Words That Are Know Used As Names

Baby Name Meaning Of The Name
1.       Alias Alias (pronounced AY-lee-uhs) is an alternate name for someone or something.
2.       Arson The noun arson comes from the Latin word ardere, meaning “to burn.”
3.       Awesome Awesome means “Epic” and is of English origin.
4.       Boss A person who is in charge of a worker or organization.
5.       Celebrity A famous person, especially in entertainment or sport.
6.       Diary A book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences.
7.       Envy A feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.
8.       Gamble Take risky action in the hope of a desired result.
9.       Gorgeous Beautiful or very attractive.
10.   Havoc Widespread destruction.
11.   Indica Indica is of American origin and means “Indica means; love, beauty, and brings devotion to God.”
12.   Sativa Sativa is of Latin origin and means “Cultivated; refined or well- educated”
13.   Kinda Kind of.
14.   Trigger It is the firing mechanism on a gun. It can also mean to cause a situation or event to happen.
15.   Shanty A user from India says the name Shanty is of English origin and means “Gift of God”.

Are you planning to name your kids with the names above? Let us know if you are by leaving a comment below!

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