Essential Questions to Ask Your Recruitment Agency

The recruitment process takes up a significant amount of manpower and resources. Moreover, in times of urgency, a company may not be equipped with the right tools, data and hiring methods to find the ideal candidate.

In such situations, outsourcing the recruitment process can be a blessing. Finding recruitment agencies that are not only efficient and capable of finding the right candidates but also choose one that fits into a company’s culture is the way to go.

With an extensive number of recruitment agencies out there, finding the perfect one that caters to your needs can be a task. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the top 5 essential questions to ask recruitment agencies to help you figure out the best one for your goals.

  1. Which Industries Does the Agency Specialise In?

When you’re trying to fill a niche position in your company, you may benefit from asking recruitment agencies about their industry specialisations and see if they fit the bill. Inquire if they have any experience recruiting candidates in your field. If they do, your hiring time will be reduced as they will already have suitable candidates in their database.

  1. How Many Candidates Do They Have on Their Database?

When choosing a recruitment agency, inquire about the extent of their database in your industry. The wider their reach, the higher your chances of hiring a suitable candidate. However, credibility is equally important. While certain organisations may not possess an extensive database, their candidates may be of a higher quality – an important factor when looking for top talent.

  1. How Does the Screening and Selection Process Take Place?

The purpose of hiring an agency is to save your time and resources. But if the recruitment agency ends up burdening you with endless applications that you are left to sift through, it will be a futile exercise. Ask recruitment agencies how they filter applications during the screening process before they reach your desk.

  1. How Does the Agency Charge Fees?

Typically, recruitment agencies charge in two ways – a percentage fee or a retainer. The retainer fee is fixed and agreed upon before the selection process with a portion being payable upfront and the remainder post-employment. Percentage fees are based on starting salary of the candidate and you don’t owe the agency anything if you fail to find a suitable applicant.

  1. What is the Agency’s Success Rate?

This question is rather important because while the agency’s advertisements on several roles each month may look impressive, it will be irrelevant if they are not able to fill these roles. You may benefit from asking about their success rate in different sectors. A high success rate in IT jobs may not necessarily help a company fill a marketing vacancy.

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