New Study Suggests Women Are Better And Safer Drivers Than Men

Everyone made fun of female drivers and women had to endure jokes about them when it came to their driving skills, parking abilities, and how “unsafe” they were when it came to driving cars.

But those jokes are now gone ladies, and you can thank a recent study for that.

A British study revealed that women were better and safer drivers than males.

The study was done by, which is an insurance comparison website, and it found out that 539,000 people broke the law while driving in Wales and England in 2018.

Out of the 539,000 people, 79 percent were men, and 21 percent were women, which gives a 4:1 ratio.

Also, men were found more guilty when it came to committing motoring offenses, which included over 25 percent of speeding tickets.

The same study also found that men were involved in more drunk-driving offenses, and were more than twice as likely to be found at fault after making an insurance claim.

Looks like the tables turned lads.

Men are also guiltier in committing driving faux pas than women.

The study said men are 31% more likely to smoke at the wheel than women, and 77 percent of men are more likely to tailgate another driver.

But women drivers also have bad habits.

The study found out that 78 percent of the women like to drive in bare feet and 35 percent of the women were likely to park in a parent space without a child.

And when it comes to driving tests, there were 1.6 million people in Wales and England who took the test in 2018, out of which 55 percent failed. 31 percent belong to women and 24 percent to men.

In the 45 percent that passed, 23 percent were men and 22 percent were women.

An official chart of offenses committed by men and women (chart info released by

Eating while driving 24% 24%
Undertaking 9% 14%
Smoking while driving 9% 12%
Not indicating 9% 12%
Middle-lane hogging 5% 5%
Tailgating 4% 6%
Driving in bare feet 6% 3%
Driving with no hands 2% 4%
Not giving way 4% 5%
Wrongly parking in a parent bay 4% 3%
Wrongly parking in a disabled bay 1% 2%

Well, looks like women are better and safer drivers.

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