Punjab CM Amarinder Singh Believes 2019 Congress Is Different From The 2014 Congress

Amarinder Singh, the CM (Chief Minister of Punjab, believes that the Congress of 2019 is different from the Congress of 2014. The CM added that the party is different because this time the party is more aggressive and is giving importance to its regional leaders.

CM Amarinder Singh won in the assembly elections in Punjab 2 years ago, he said that in the last 5 years the “regional leaders of the party have been given more say in the affairs of the Congress and its policies for states.”

The CM added that its regional leaders have a better connection with the people this time and added that their party has a better knowledge of what the people want in the country this time.

CM Amarinder Singh said that the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, the President of the Congress Party, has helped them grow confidence and “the defensiveness of the past has given way to a new aggression.”

The CM added, “Within the organisation, there is a palpable shift in the way we function. There is more transparency and democracy. Rahul Gandhi, in the past five years, has evolved his style of functioning to connect with the workers at the grassroots.”

Speaking about the popularity of Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, CM Amarinder Singh said that he is a “liar and a deceiver, who is only obsessed with staying in power”.

He added, “I doubt (PM) Modi has any craze or charm left anywhere in India after five years as prime minister. People had lot of expectations, there was hope among the people but they were taken in by his hyped promises of jobs, doubling of farm income, money in every account etc.”

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